Limerick District Schoolboy/girl League

Catering for Schoolboys and Girls,

 in Limerick City and surrounding areas.

Chairman:                          Mike O'Regan

Acting Secretary:              Joe Pond

                                            Mobile: 087 6101615         

                                            email:   joepondannacotty@gmail.com

Acting Treasurer:              Declan Earls

Fixtures Secretary:           Jerry Flynn

                                            Mobile: 086 1895722

                                            email:  jerryflynn74@gmail.com

Registrar:                           Roberto Donnarumma

Child Welfare Officer:       Paddy Collins

                                            Mobile: 0876897778

                                            email: paddycollins8@gmail.com

Committee:                        Stephen Kelly, Noel Malone, Ailbe Coffey, John Kennedy

L.D.S.L. Notices

Please contact Roberto Donnarumma, LDSL Registrar on robertodonnarumma@gmail.com should clubs (i.e. club secretaries / registrars) seek to know the eligibility of players from last seasons 2017/2018 inter-league squads to sign with their individual club, as per 2 player quota rule.

A delegate meeting of LDSL clubs will take place at Caherdavin Celtic Clubhouse on Monday September 24th at 7.30pm sharp.

Agenda has been circulated to Club Secretaries.

Until Monday 24th September any questions related to fixtures should be addressed to the acting secretary. Joe Pond, Acting Secretary LDSL  087 6101615

The SFAI Skechers National Cup draw took place last weekend and the full draw can now be viewed on https://sfai.ie/

Below are the dates for the competition rounds - please note a full SFAI 2018/19 season calendar will be published in the coming weeks to include all SFAI competitions:

SFAI Skechers National CUP 2018/19 Season Dates:

First Round         15/16 September 2018 

Second Round   06/07 October 2018                                                        

Third Round       27/28 October 2018

Fourth Round    17/18 November 2018  

Round of 32        26/27 January 2019                         

Round of 16        16/17 February 2019

Quarter Finals    09/10 March 2019                           

Semi Finals         06/07 April 2019

Finals                   11/12 May 2019

Events & Activities Notices 

  • Club Activities - Post Your Club event here ...

Note: Clubs, should send any events, photos, they wish to have published on the site, to Acting Secretary, Joe Pond, for consideration by the committee.

L.D.S.L General Notices 2018

Queries on Inter League matters

On the matter of Inter League Squads, all queries should be through the Club Secretary, who should forward the query to the League Secretary.

Queries from Team Managers/Coaches and Parents, will not be accepted.

Clubs are asked to inform, Managers/Coaches and Parents, that direct contact with Inter League coaches is not allowed.

Publication of Fixtures.

Fixtures published on this site ONLY, are official notification of fixtures.

Club Secretaries are informed of any changes.

Changes will be made to fixtures on this site when the Fixture Secretary informs changes.

Fixtures posted on social sites, are not official.

They should be confirmed, by checking the website or with your Club Secretary.

Any issue relating to fixtures should be addressed to Fixtures Secretary Jerry Flynn email jerryflynn74@gmail.com. Phone 086 1895722.

Clubs are requested to note the following rules. 

12 (C) Every club is responsible to council for the actions of its players, officials and spectators and must take all necessary precautions to ensure that matches are conducted in a proper manner.


(D) All fines must be paid within 14 days of notification except in cases of appeal.


14; Players participating in L.D.S.L. competitions must be registered on the registration form supplied by council. Failure to register a player shall render him ineligible for such competitions.


15; No club will be permitted to register more than 20 players per team. Small-sided teams excluded.


16; Players must be registered with the L.D.S.L 24, hours before they can play for their club.


17 All registration forms must be signed by a parent, and verified by the elected Club Secretary.


(A) Prior to the commencement of the season clubs with two or more teams in the same grade must submit to the League Registrar a panel of players for each team.

Clubs failing to abide by this rule will incur a fine the level of which will be determined by the L.D.S.L Committee.