L.D.S.L. Fixtures

Please Note: - Any queries regarding Fixtures, Results or League Tables should be directed to the Fixtures Secretary, Jerry Flynn email jerryflynn74@gmail.com Phone 086 1895722.

Note: - All Leagues are two round except u 15 Premier and u 16 Premier - these will be three rounds.

  • Please Note : - Clubs involved in the U 15 Leagues please take note of the change in fixtures this is due to Carew Park moving from div 1 to premier league. The premier now has six teams three round  league, and eight teams in div1 .Carew and Bridge being omitted
  • All clubs involved in u 15 Div 1  and U 16 premier leagues please see new fixtures list on the web site as of today Thursday Feb 21st. The changes are due to Summerville rvs and Caherdavin Celtic withdrawing their teams.
  • Feb 23rd   U 16 Premier Caherdavin v Aisling A  is OFF.

    Mar 2nd    U 15 Div 1  Summerville v Parkville is OFF.

    Mar 9th     U 16 Prem Fairview v Caherdavin is OFF.

    Mar 16th   U 15 Div 1  Regional B v Summerville is OFF.

    Mar 23rd   U 16 Prem Caherdavin v Mungret Is OFF.

    Mar 30th   U 15 Div 1  Pike v Summerville  is OFF.



U.12's Regions Cup Final




Aisling / AnnacottyPike Rvs2pmFairgreen
K. Gorman,
B. Higgins,
M. Kiely

U.16's Regions Cup Final




Aisling / AnnacottyLatin / Cullen11amFairgreen
B. Higgins,
K. Gorman,
M. Kiely

U 12 Premier League          
Shelbourne Regional Utd  A 11am Shelbourne  Pk R. Broe  
Mungret/Reg  A Aisling/Annac  A 11am OFF Mungret  OFF  OFF
Aisling/Annac  B Corbally Utd  A 11am Newtown Pk K. McCormack  
U 12 Div 1 League          
Granville Rgs Regional Utd  B 11am Glenbrook  F. O'Neill  
Janesboro Newport Town  A 11am Pearse Stadium J. Curran  
Fairview Rgs Caherdavin Celtic 12.30pm
*note new time
*note venue changed
T. Joyce  
Pike Rvs  B Caherconlish  A 11am          Pike Grounds K. McNamara  
U 12 Div 2 League          
Mungret Regional B Regional United  C 12.30pm Mungret T. Mannion  
Aisling/Annacotty  D Summerville Rvs  A 12.30pm Newtown K. McCormack  
Geraldines Moyross Utd 11am Garryowen G. Clancy  
Aisling Annacotty C Ballynanty Rovers 2pm Newtown K. McCormack  
U 12 Div 3 League          
Regional Utd  D Star Rvs 11am Dooradoyle P. O'Brien  
Carew Park Aisling/Annacotty E 11am Carew Pk T. Meagher  
Caherconlish  B Corbally Utd  B 11am Caherconlish D. Weldrick  
Bridge Celtic  B Summerville Rv B  11am Bridgetown M. Bourke  
U 14 Premier League          
Fairview Rgs  A Shelbourne 2pm Shelbourne Park
*note venue changed
R. Broe  
Corbally Utd  A Mungret/Reg  A 12.30pm Athlunkard A. Whelan  
Caherdavin Celtic Aisling/Annac  A 11am Greenhills T. Joyce  
Bridge Celtic Pike Rvs  A 12.30 Bridgetown M. Bourke  
U 14 Div 1 League          
Aisling/Annac  B Newport Town  A 2pm Annacotty AWP J. McNamara  
Mungret/Reg  B Regional Utd  A 11am Castlemungret J. Reilly  
Regional Utd  B Geraldines 12,30 Dooradoyle AWP P. O'Brien  
U 14 Div 2 League          
Summerville Rvs Aisling/Annac  C 11am Portland Pk J. Clancy  
Fairview Rgs  B Regional Utd  C 2pm Dooradoyle AWP
*note venue changed
P. O'Brien  
Corbally Utd  B Newport Town  B 2pm Athlunkard M. Monaghan  
U 16 Premier League          
Shelbourne Fairview Rgs 12.30pm Shelbourne Pk R. Broe  
Geraldines Mungret Reg. 12.30pm Garryowen G. Clancy  
U 16 Div 1 League          
Corbally Utd  B Carew Park 11am Athlunkard M. Monaghan  
Newport Town Summerville Rvs 11am Newport D. Downing  
Corbally Utd  A Regional Utd 12.30pm Athlunkard A. Galvin  
Aisling/Annac  C Aisling/Annac  B 3.30pm Annacotty AWP J. McNamara  

U.13 Regions Cup Final




Aisling / AnnacottyFairview2pmPike Grounds





U.15 Regions Cup Final




Aisling / AnnacottyLatin / Cullen11amPike Grounds

U 13 Premier League          
Caherdavin Cel A Granville Rgs 11am Greenhills    
Mungret/Reg  A Pike Rvs  A 11am Mungret    
Regional Utd  A Fairview Rgs  A 12.30 OFF Dooradoyle AWP OFF OFF
U 13 Div 1 League          
Newport Town A Aisling/Annacotty  C 11am Newport    
Bridge Celtic A Carew Pk 11am Bridgetown    
Corbally Utd  A Pike Rvs  B 2pm Athlunkard    
Caherconlish Aisling/Annacotty  B 11am Caherconlish    
U 13 Div 2 League          
Shelbourne Moyross Utd 11am Shelbourne Pk    
Geraldines Caherdavin Cel B 11am Rathuard    
Corbally Utd  B Mungret/Reg  B 12.30 Athlunkard    
Fairview Rgs  B Regional Utd  B 11am Fairgreen    
Ballynanty Rvs Summerville Rvs 11am Shelbourne Pk    
U 15 Premier League          
Aisling/Annac  B Newport Town 2pm Annacotty AWP    
Aisling/Annac  A Caherdavin Celtic 3.30pm OFF Annacotty AWP  OFF  OFF  OFF
Carew Park Regional Utd  A 11am Carew Park    
U 15 Div 1 League          
Parkville Aisling/Annac  C 11am Knockalsheen    
Regional Utd  B Mungret/Reg 2pm Dooradoyle AWP    
Fairview Rgs  B Shelbourne 2pm Fairgreen    

Upcoming Season 2019

To all Secretaries,

As the under  7,8,and 9, don't start until April 6th we can extend the closing date of entering these teams to March 11th. Any club with requests  for fixtures off or regrading teams please contact me before the deadline of Jan 28th. The first list of fixtures to all clubs  will be from Feb 23rd to March 30th

                                                                                 Yours in sport.

                                                                                     Jerry Flynn   

In consultation with the clubs  in our league,  the L.D.S.L. committee  and Bord na nOg  this is the schedule for the coming calendar season 2019 Please note this schedule will be reviewed at the end of the season by all the appropriate bodies.


The season will start on:

  • February 23rd Saturday with U 16, U 14
  • March 2nd Saturday with U 15, U 13.
  • March 9th Saturday with U 12,  U 14,  U 16.
  • April 1st Monday with U 11.
  • April 6th Saturday with U 10.
  • April 6th Saturday with U 8.
  • April 13th Saturday with U 9.
  • April 27th Saturday with U 7.


There will be no games fixed for any Saturday in the month of June and the two weeks in July.

The summer break will be from July 13th to August 31st.

There will also be a break in late May/June for Kennedy cup, Leaving cert and Junior cert.

Easter weekend Saturday and Monday and May 6th bank holiday will be free from fixtures.

In the second half of the season Sept 2nd to November 31st clubs will have league games and local cups will start on September 14th. Any queries feel free to contact me. Hopefully together we can make a success of this first calendar season.

                                                                                                  Yours in sport

                                                                                                    Jerry Flynn Fix Sec.