L.D.S.L. Fixtures

Please Note: - Any queries regarding Fixtures, Results or League Tables should be directed to the Fixtures Secretary, Jerry Flynn email jerryflynn74@gmail.com Phone 086 1895722.

Note From the Fixtures Secretary

  • L.D.S.L. fixtures resumed September 2nd.
  • The u 7 will play 3 round of fixtures on Sept 7th, 14th, and 21st
  • The u 8 will play 3 rounds of fixtures on Sept 28th, Oct 5th and Oct 12th.
  • The u 9 will play 3 rounds of fixtures on Oct 19th, Oct 26th, and Nov 2nd.
  • On Nov 2nd these three grades will be finished their season.
  • Midweek games will finish on Sept 9th.
  • Note dates for SFAI Skechers national cups are September 14th - u.13's & u.15's / September 21st - u.12's, u.14's & u.16's
  • Please see age groups for national cup games: - u.12 - 2008; u.13 - 2007; u.14 - 2006; u.15 - 2005; u.16 - 2004


Home Away Time Venue Referee Result
Skechers Cup  U 12  Round 1        
Bridge Celtic Bunratty Cratloe 12 noon Bridgetown S Scully
Janesboro Killarney Celtic 2pm Pearse Stadium OFF
Lisnagry Camp Juniors 2pm Scanlon Pk J Clancy
Killarney Athletic Aisling/Annacotty  C 12 noon Killarney

Avenue Utd Carew Park 2pm Lees Road Ennis

Killavilla Utd Newport Town 4pm
*new time
Villa Pk Killavilla

Geraldines Knigh Utd 11am Garryowen M Monahan






Skechers Cup  U 12 Round 2



Mungret/Reg  B Holycross 11am Mungret R Broe
Regional Utd  A Murroe 11am Dooradoyle T Joyce
Aisling/Annacotty  B Aisling/Annacotty  A 2.30pm Annacotty A.W.P. S Scully
Tulla Utd  A Pike Rvs 12 noon Tulla

Nenagh AFC Shelbourne 11am Brickfield Nenagh

Listowel Celtic Caherconlish 2pm Listowel

Lough Derg Fairview Rgs 11.30am Lough Derg







Skechers Cup  U 14  Round 1



Shelbourne Tulla Utd 11am Shelbourne Pk F O'Donovan
Moneypoint Granville Rgs 12 noon Moneypoint

Fairview Rgs Summerville Rgs 11am Fairgreen B Higgins
Carew Park Caherconlish 11am Carew Pk J Mcnamara
Granagh Utd Pike Rvs 11.30pm Granagh

Mungret/Reg  A A K Utd 1pm Mungret R Broe
Nenagh AFC Aisling/Annacotty  B 1pm Brickfield Nenagh

Geraldines Caherdavin Celtic 1pm Garryowen M Monahan
Regional Utd Kilfrush Crusaders 12.30pm Dooradoyle AWP A Galvin OFF
Mastergeeha Corbally Utd 2pm Mastergeeha

Lough Derg Aisling/Annacotty   A 3pm
*new time
Lough Derg

Newport Town Broadford Utd 11am Newport P O'Brien






Skechers Cup  U 16 Round 1



Parkville Holycross A F C 2pm Knockalsheen F O'Donovan
Pike Rvs Shelbourne 11am Pike Grounds M Bourke
M E K Galaxy Corbally Utd 2pm Killarney OFF
Fairview Rgs Fenit Samphires 1pm Fairgreen B Higgins
Killarney Athletic Aisling/Annacotty  A 2pm Killarney





Newport Town Newmarket Celtic 11am Newport G Clancy
Regional Utd Moneygall F C 2.30pm Dooradoyle A.W.P. A Galvin
Carew Park Herbertstown AFC 1pm Carew Pk J McNamara
Ballingarry AFC Aisling/Annacotty  B 11.30pm Ballingarry







U 16  Round 2.




Caherdavin Celtic Moneypoint 12 noon Greenhills T Mannion






U 10 Red Group




Corbally Utd  A Pike Rvs  A 11am Ahhlunkard K McCormack
Aisling/Annacotty  A Caherdavin Celtic  A 11am Newtown Pk S Rooney
Mungret/Reg  A Aisling/Annacotty  B 11am Mungret L Somers
Regional Utd  A Lisnagry A 1pm Dooradoyle T Joyce






U 10 Blue Group




Shelbourne FC  A Carew Park  A 1pm Shelbourne Pk S O'Halloran
Granville Rgs Geraldines 11am Glenbrook T Meagher
Newport Town Bridge Celtic  A 2pm Newport P O'Brien
Aisling/Annacotty  C Pike Rvs  B 12.30pm Newtown Park OFF






U 10 Green Group




Corbally Utd  B Moyross Utd 12.30pm Athlunkard K McCormack
Lisnagry FC  B Aisling/Annacotty  D 12noon Scanlon Pk J Clancy
Regional Utd  B Parkville  A 2.15pm Dooradoyle C Walsh






U 10 Brown Group




Star Rvs Summerville Rvs 1pm Lee Estate T Meagher
Aisling/Annac  E Shelbourne  B 2pm Newtown Park G Clancy
Mungret/Reg  B Caherdavin Cel  B 12.30pm Mungret L Somers
Newport Town  B Caherconlish 1pm Newport P O'Brien






U 10 White Group




Aisling/Annac  E Bridge Celtic  B 3.15pm Newtown Pk G Clancy
Regional Utd  C Lisnagry  C 3.15pm Dooradoyle C Walsh
Pike Rvs  C Parkville  B 1pm Pike Grounds M Bourke






U 14 Div 2 League




Newport Town  B Aisling/Annac  C 1pm Newport OFF OFF






U 16 Div 1 League




Corbally Utd  B Summerville Rvs 2pm Athlunkard K McCormack
All  U  7  Games  Kick off 9.45am        
U 7 Red Group          
Shelbourne  1 Aisling/Anna  1   Shelbourne Pk    
Regional Utd  1 Aisling/Anna  2   Dooradoyle    
Pike Rvs Caherdavin Cel  1   Pike Grounds    
Newport Town Corbally Utd  1   Newport    
Mungret/Reg  1 Lisnagry  1   Mungret    
U 7 Blue Group          
Ballynanty Rvs Janesboro   Shelbourne Pk    
Aisling/Anna  3 Limerick   Newtown Park    
Lournes Celtic Parkville   Hyde Rgs Pitch    
Carew Park Granville Rgs   Carew Pk    
Fairview Rgs Geraldines   Fairgreen    
U 7 Green Group          
Bridge Celtic Caherconlish   Bridgetown    
Shelbourne  2 Caherdavin Cel 2   Shelbourne Pk    
Regional Utd  2 Corbally Utd  2   Dooradoyle    
Mungret/Reg  2 Lianagry  2   Mungret    


Skechers Cup  U 12  Round 1    
Tralee DynamosMungret/Reg  A12 noonTralee 


Home Away Time Venue Referee Result
U 11  Red Group          
Newport Town  A Regional Utd  A 11am Newport M Monahan  
Aisling/Annacotty  A Corbally Utd  A 11am Newtown Pk L Somers  
Shelbourne  A Mungret/Reg  A 11am Shelbourne Pk P O Brien  
Lisnagry FC  A Pike  Rvs  A 12.30pm Scanlon Pk S Scully  
U  11 Blue Group          
Pike Rvs  B Aisling/Annacotty  B 11am Pike Grounds S Rooney  
Carew Park Caherdavin Celtic 11am Carew Pk T Joyce  
Ballynanty Rvs Fairview Rgs   A 11am Shelbourne Pk Jim Clancy  
Caherconlish  A Janesboro FC 11am Caherconlish M Blake  
U  11  Green Group          
Corbally Utd  B Mungret/Reg   B 11am Athlunkard A Galvin  
Moyross Utd Geraldines  A 11am Moyross S O Holloran  
Regional Utd  B Aisling/Annacotty   D 11am Dooradoyle T Mannion  
Aisling/Annacotty   C Coonagh Utd 12.30pm Newtown Pk L Sommers  
U  11 Brown Group          
Summerville Rvs Newport Town  B 11am Portland Pk Colm Walsh  
Mungret/Rerg  C Lisnagry  B 11am Mungret K McCormack  
Regional Utd  C Parkville 12.30pm Dooradoyle T Mannion  
Bridge Celtic Shelboutne  B 11am Bridgetown S Scully  
U  11 White Group          
Aisling/Annac  E Caherconlish  B 2.15pm Newtown Park J Mac  
Corbally Utd  C Fairview Rgs  B 12.30pm Athlunkard A Galvin  
Regional Utd  D Star  Rvs 2pm Dooradoyle T Mannion  
U 13 Premier League          
Mungret/Reg  A Fairview Rgs  A 2pm Mungret K McCormack  
Granville Rgs Regional Utd  A 11am Glenbrook F O Donovan  
Caherdavin Cel A Aisling/Annaco A 11am Greenhills R Broe  
U 13 Div 1  League          
Carew Pk Aisling/Annacotty  C 12.30pm Carew Pk T Joyce  
Aisling/Annacotty  B Newport Town A 2.30pm Annacotty AWP G Clancy  
Pike Rvs  B Caherconlish 12.30pm Pike Grounds S Rooney  
Corbally Utd  A Bridge Celtic A 2pm Athlunkard A Galvin  
U 13  Div 2  League          
Geraldines Regional Utd  B 12.30pm Rathuard F O Donovan  
Mungret/Reg  B Summerville Rvs 12.30pm Mungret K McCormack  
Fairview Rgs  B Moyross Utd 11am Fairgreen T Meagher  
Ballynanty Rvs Shelbourne 12.30pm Shelbourne Pk Jim Clancy  
U  15  Premier League          
Aisling/Annac  B Aisling/Annac  A 12.30pm Kilonan J Mac  
Newport Town Regional Utd  A 12.30pm Newport M Monahan  
Caherdavin Celtic Carew Park 12.30pm Greenhills R Broe  
U  15 Div 1 League          
Aisling/Annac  C Mungret/Reg  3.45pm Annacotty AWP G Clancy  
Shelbourne Pike Rvs 12.30pm Shelbourne Pk P O Brien  
U 8  Red Group All  U 8 Games start at 9.45am        
Pike Rvs Newport Town 9.45am Pike Grounds    
Shelbourne Caherdavin Cel  1 9.45am Shelbourne Pk    
Aisling/Anna  1 Geraldines  1 9.45am Newtown Pk    
Corbally Utd  1 Aisling/Anna  2 9.45am Athlunkard    
Mungret/Reg  1 Regional Utd  1 9.45am Mungret    




U 8 Blue Group


Parkville Lourdes Celtic 9.45am Knockalsheen    
Summerville Rvs Granville Rgs 9.45am Portland Pk    
Aisling/Anna  3 Limerick 9.45am Newtown Pk    
Janesboro Fairview Rgs 9.45am Pearse Stadium    
Moyross Utd Star Rvs 9.45am Moyross    




U 8 Green Group


Regional Utd  2 Bridge Celtic 9.45am Dooradoyle    
Mungret/Reg  2 Caherconlish 9.45am Mungret    
Geraldines  2 Caherdavin Cel 2 9.45am Garryowen