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                  Small Sided Games   2015


Saturday 23/May

U-8 Blitz

Garryowen, Geraldines FC, Bridge Celtic, Aisling/Annacotty 2, Corbally United 2 

Hogan Park, Limerick FC, Aisling/Annacotty 5, Moyross United, 

Shelbourne Park, Shelbourne FC, Aisling/Annacotty 4, Mungret/Regional 2, Coonagh United. 

Fairgreen, Fairview Rangers, Carew Park, Lisnagry FC, Regional United 1. 

Mungret, Mungret/Regional 1, Pike Rovers, Shannon Hibernians 2. 

Greenhills, Caherdavin Celtic 1, Janesboro FC, Corbally United 3, Shannon Town 

Newport, Newport Town, Aisling/Annacotty 3, Fairview Rangers 2 

Athlunkard, Corbally United 1, Regional United 2, Aisling/Annacotty 1, Shannon Hibernians 1

Saturday 06/June

U-7 Blitz

Annacotty, Aisling/Annacotty 1, Bridge Celtic, Carew Park, Newport Town 1. 

Coonagh, Coonagh United, Fairview Rangers, Corbally United 1, Limerick FC 

Scanlon Park, Lisnagry FC, Aisling/Annacotty 2, Newport Town 1, Mungret/Regional 2 

Corrib Drive, Shannon Town 2, Moyross United, Corbally United 3, Caherdavin Celtic 

Athlunkard, Corbally United 2, Aisling/Annacotty 3, , Regional United 2 

Pike, Pike Rovers, Janesboro FC, Shelbourne FC 2, Mungret/Regional 1 

Garryowen, Geraldines FC, Shannon Town 1, Regional United 1, Shelbourne FC 1


U-9 Blitz

Bridgetown, Bridge Celtic, Aisling/Annacotty 4, Caherdavin Celtic 2, Corbally United 1 

Carew Park, Carew Park, Aisling/Annacotty 2, Janesboro FC, Corbally United 3 

Fairgreen, Fairview Rangers, Ballynanty Rovers, Limerick FC, Caherdavin Celtic 1 

Glenbrook, Granville Rangers, Geraldines FC, Aisling/Annacotty 1, Pike Rovers 

Newport, Newport Town 1, Aisling/Annacotty 3, Lisnagry FC 

Riverside, Shannon Hibernians, Corbally United 2, Coonagh United, Shannon Town 1 

Moyross, Moyross United, Regional United 1, Aisling/Annacotty 5, Mungret/Regional 1 

Shelbourne Park, Shelbourne FC, Parkville FC, Shannon Town 2, Mungret/Regional 3 

Mungret, Mungret/Regional 2, Newport Town 2, Regional United 2, Summerville Rovers


Saturday 13/June

U-8 Blitz

Annacotty, Aisling/Annacotty 5, Carew Park, Fairview Rangers 2, Lisnagry FC 

Coonagh, Coonagh United, Aisling/Annacotty 2, Caherdavin Celtic 1, Corbally United 2 

Athlunkard, Corbally United 1, Bridge Celtic, Geraldines FC, Shelbourne FC 

Mungret, Mungret/Regional 2, Aisling/Annacotty 3, Regional United 2 

Pike, Pike Rovers, Fairview Rangers 1, Mungret/Regional 1, Shannon Town 

Riverside, Shannon Hibernians, Caherdavin Celtic 2, Corbally United 3, Moyross United 

Dooradoyle, Regional United 1, Aisling/Annacotty 4, Shannon Hibernians 1 

Hogan Park, Limerick FC, Janesboro FC, Aisling/Annacotty 5, Newport Town 


Saturday 20/June

U-7 Blitz

Fairgreen: Fairview Rangers, Aisling/Annacotty 2, Regional United 2, Shannon Town 1. 

Shelbourne Park 2, Shelbourne FC 2, Caherdavin Celtic, Corbally United 3, Geraldines FC. 

Hogan Park: Limerick FC, Aisling/Annacotty 1, Mungret/Regional 2 

Coonagh: Coonagh United, Regional United 1, Mungret/Regional 1, Shannon Town. 

Newport: Newport Town, Aisling/Annacotty 3, Pike rovers 

Carew Park: Carew Park, Corbally United 1, Janesboro FC, Moyross United. 

Bridgetown: Bridge Celtic, Corbally United 2, Lisnagry FC, Shelbourne FC 1 


U-9 Blitz

Mungret: Mungret/Regional 1, Aisling/Annacotty 2, Granville Rangers, Regional United 1. 

Annacotty: Aisling/Annacotty 1, Fairview Rangers, Limerick FC, Newport Town 1 

Pike: Pike Rovers, Carew Park, Corbally United 1, Janesboro FC 

Scanlon Park: Lisnagry FC, Aisling/Annacotty 3, Bridge Celtic, Newport Town 2. 

Athlunkard: Corbally United 2, Aisling/Annacotty 4, Ballynanty Rovers, Mungret/Regional 2. 

Riverside: Shannon Hibernians, Caherdavin Celtic 1, Moyross United, Shannon Town 2. 

Portland Park: Summerville Rovers, Aisling/Annacotty 5, Regional United 2. 

Garryowen; Geraldines FC, Corbally United 3, Shannon Town 1, Parkville FC 

Greenhills: Caherdavin Celtic 2, Coonagh United, Mungret/Regional 3, Shelbourne FC



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