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LDSL News and Events

Please note that I will only be posting official results and fixtures as posted by the fixtures secretary.
Any queries regarding League Tables and results should be sent to Gerry Flynn, Fixtures secretary.

All other queries should be directed to the League Secretary, Gerry McCormack.

Annual General Meeting

Nominations for the position of Chairperson must be forwarded by registered posted to the Honorary Secretary of the L.D.S.L by April 30th, and signed by elected Secretary of a member club. Date of postmark will count.

Nominations for all other officers and committee members must be forwarded by registered post to the Hon. Secretary of the L.D.S.L by April 30th, signed by the elected Secretary of a member club. Date of postmark will count.

Rule changes, new rules, motions for discussion must be submitted in writing, signed by the elected Club Secretary, and sent by registered posted to the League Secretary by April 30th. Date of postmark will count.

Persons proposed for an officership position, or committee member must have at least two nominations in order to have his/her name go forward for election.
All correspondence pertaining to the above procedures must be sent to the League Hon. Secretary, Gerry McCormack, 53, Hilltop, St. Patrick’s Road Limerick. 

Proposed schedule for the remainder of the season.
Saturday, March 22nd Uneven

Saturday March 29th evens.

Monday March 31st start of mid week games. All league games that week.
Saturday April, 5th
Under, 8 blitz 10.30-12.30: Under 10-1 pm: and League games at 2.30

Monday April 7th 1st round and quarter final’s cup games all that week.
Saturday April 12th
Under 7 and 9 blitz at 10.30, under 10 at and 2.30 League games.
Monday April 14th remainder of cup games and league games all that week
Saturday April 19th 
Under 8 blitz at 10.30, under 10 at and 2.30 League games

Monday April 21st
All cup semi-finals 34 in total, plus league games
Saturday April 26th
under 7 and 9 blitz at 10.30, under 10 at and 2.30 League games.
Monday April 28th League games until the season finishes for all grades.
Schoolboy Football will be played over the duration of the Easter weekend

Cup Finals
Cup finals to be played on May 17th-18th, and 24th-25th May

Dates for Communion and Confirmation
If you haven’t already done so please submit in writing to the League Secretary the dates for Communion and Confirmation within your parish that may affect your club on the date’s of the cup finals.

Small Sided Games
Teams entered        2014

Aisling/Annacotty 4   5   4
Bridge Celtic 1   1   1
CaherdavinCeltic 1   2   1
Carew Park 1   1   1
Corbally United 2   2   2
Coonagh United 1   X   1
Fairview Rangers 1   2   1
Geraldines 1   1   1
GranvilleRangers X   2   1
Hyde Rangers 1   X   X
Janesboro 1   1   1
Limerick F.C 1   1   2
Lisnagry  1   1   2
Mungret Regional 2   2   3
Newport Town  X   X   2
Parkville  X   1   1
Pike Rovers 1   1   1
Regional United 2   1   2
ShannonHibernians 1   1   1
Shannon Town 1   2   2
Shelbourne F.C 2   1   1
SummervilleRovers 1   1   X
Moyross United   2   1   X

Return those Trophies
Teams that won League and Cups last season if they haven’t already done so must return the trophies to the League Office on Monday night, March 24 between 7, and

League and Cup winners season 2012/13
League Winners
U-10 Group One; Pike Rovers
U-10 Group Two; Corbally United
U-10 Group Three; Granville Rangers
U-11 Premier: Pike Rovers
U-11 Division One: Janesboro
U-11, Division Two: Lisnagry
U-12 Premier: Pike Rovers
U-12 Division One: Janesboro
U-12 Division Two: Caherdavin Celtic
U-13 Premier: Aisling Annacotty
U-13 Division One: Shannon Town
U-13 Division Two: Granville Rangers
U-14 Premier: Summerville Rovers
U-14 Division One: Granville Rangers
U-14 Division Two: Geraldines
U-15 Premier Mungret Regional
U-15 Division One: Shannon Hibernians
U-16 Premier: Aisling Annacotty
U-16 Division One: Summerville Rovers
U-16 League/Cup: Parkville

Cup Winners
U-11 Premier: Aisling Annacotty
U-11 Division One: Janesboro
U-11 Division Two: Shelbourne
U-12 Premier: Granville Rangers
U-12 Division One: Star Rovers
U-12 Division Two: Mungret Regional
U-13 Premier: Pike Rovers
U-13 Division One: Shannon Hibernians
U-13 Division Two: Star Rovers
U-14 Premier: Mungret Regional
U-14 Division One: Aisling Annacotty
U-14 Division Two: Geraldines
U-15 Premier: Mungret Regional
U-15 Division One: Summerville Rovers

Kennedy Cup Groups 2014
Group 1: Cork, Dundalk, Midlands, Roscommon.
Group 2: Wexford, NEC, Mayo, WWEC.
Group 3: North Dublin, Kildare, North Tipperary, Drogheda.
Group 4: Waterford, Cavan/Monaghan, West Cork, Inishowen.
Group 5: Kilkenny, Limerick County, South Dublin, Sligo/Leitrim.
Group 6: Limerick District, Athlone, Donegal, Clare.
Group 7: Galway, Kerry, Longford, South Tipperary.
Group 8: DDSL, Carlow, Limerick Desmond, Wicklow.

Tournament will take place in the University of Limerick from Monday, June 16, to Friday, June 20, 2014.                          

U-15, Inter League
Clare League 0, Limerick District 3
Limerick District 7,  Kerry League 2

U-16, Inter League
North Tipperary 2, Limerick District 3
Limerick District 3, Clare 1

U-13 Inter League Fixtures   Sunday, April 6



U-13 Group 1 Fixtures





Clare League v. Kerry League

All weather 1



Desmond League v. South Tipperary

All weather 2


















U-13 Group 2 Fixtures





West Cork v Waterford

All weather 1




Limerick District v. Cork League

All weather 2




Limerick County v. North Tipperary

Pitch 3 (grass








North Tipperary v Limerick District

All Weather 1




Limerick County v. Waterford

All weather 2




Cork League v West Cork  

Pitch 3 (Grass)



Teams please note the following information.

Due to the high demand for dressing rooms on Sunday, teams are requested to change in allocated dressing room and then take their gear bags out with them to their Bus or cars while they are playing. When games finishes they can return to their dressing room for a shower and change.

Grass Pitch 3
Teams playing on the grass pitch will use the changing rooms adjacent to the Bowl pitch


U-13 Inter League Tables
Group One
                                    P          W        D         L          F          A        GD      Pts      

Limerick Desmond       2          2          0          0          5          2          3          6         

Kerry League              2          1          0          1          5          3           2          3         

Clare League               2          0          1          1          4          6          -2         1         

South Tipperary           2          0          1          1          4          7          -3         1


Group Two    
                       P          W        D         L          F          A        GD      Pts

Cork League               3          3          0          0          15        3          12        9

Limerick District          3          3          0          0          11        5          6          9

West Cork                  3          2          0          1          5          4          1          6

Waterford                   3          1          0          2          7          7          0          3

Limerick County         3          0          0          3          3          10        -7         0

North Tipperary         3          0          0          3          1          13        -12       0


U-12 Inter League Results 30-03-14

Group One

Kerry League 2, Clare League 3

Cork League 3, South Tipperary 0

Group Two

Limerick County 3, Limerick District 3 (County won 4-3 on pens.)

Limerick Desmond 6, North Tipperary 0

Waterford 6, West Cork 1

Limerick District 6, Limerick Desmond 1

Waterford 7, Limerick County 0

North Tipperary 3, West Cork 2

U-12 Inter League final League-Tables

Group One

P          W        D         L          F          A         GD      Pts      

Cork League                3          3          0          0          11        1          10        9         

Clare League               3          2          0          1          6          7          -1         6         

South Tipperary           3          1          0          2          3          6          -3         3         

Kerry League              3          0          0          3          5          11        -6         0                     


Group Two     

                                    P          W        D         L          F          A         GD      Pts

Waterford League       5          4          1          0          24        6          18        13

Limerick Desmond      5          3          1          1          13        9          4          10

Limerick District          5          2          2          1          23        14        9          8

Limerick County         5          2          1          2          11        15        -4         7

West Cork                 5          0          2          3          12        20        -8         2

North Tipperary          5          0          1          4          8          27        -19       1


Munster Final: Waterford League v. Cork League



Weekly Committee meeting

Weekly committee meeting will take place each Monday night in the League Office from to 8.30. Clubs wishing to meet with the Committee must give prior notice to the League Secretary outlining the reason for such a meeting.

At last weeks Delegate meeting Clubs were informed that all U7,8 and 9 players must attach a Birth Cert to their form when registering for this Season.
Players already registered must produce a Birth Cert to confirm their date of birth.
This procedure is to enable the Committee to complete the Database and thus ensuring that there will be no need in the future for Clubs to get players Birth Certs after they have been registered upon signing for the first time.

After this only new players will be required to produce a Birth Cert. Or upon request by the League Committee.

Registration of players

All Clubs are reminded that as per rule players must be registered one clear day before they can play for their Club. Teams must ensure to have their players registered as teams found guilty of playing un-registered players will face disciplinary action as per rule. As well as ensuring that their players are properly registered, clubs with two or more teams in the same grade of football must submit to the League Registrar a list of players for each team on Club headed paper and duly signed by the Secretary.

To all club secs. Please note.

If you are signing a player from a team that has been removed or has withdrawn from the league.
When submitting the form, you must also ensure that the player attaches a letter of request stating, the team he is leaving and the team he wishes to play for.
A decision on whether to grant the request or not will be made at the weekly meeting by the LDSL committee.



Opposing teams failing to turn up.

Where a team fails to turn up for a fixture, the referee must get the match card filled out by the team present.

The team present must pay the referee his full fee.

A walkover cannot be awarded by anyone, other than the LDSL committee at a committee meeting.

When the LDSL, completes its investigation into the game.

If a walkover is confirmed, the team present may, through its Club Secretary claim back its half match fee.

Club Notes and Activities

Clubs can post their activities on this page for a 2 week period.







New Season Notes

Football Sizes: U10, 11, 12, U13s will use a size 4 ball, the 14,15 and 16s will use a size 5 ball.

For this Season, Cup games will start in February with the intention of playing all finals in a 2 week period towards the end of May.

All League competitions will be completed.



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