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Schoolboy/Girl soccer for the Season 2014/15 commences on Monday 25th August.
Fixtures are posted on the Fixtures page.
All queries should be sent to the LDSL committee.
I am in the process of handing the site over to a new webmaster for the LDSL.

Please note the following

Sending off's

A player who is sent off {receives a red card} in a domestic League/Cup game will be suspended for one (1) automatic game in the grade in which he/she was sent off. (Players must serve that suspension in their next competitive game in the grade which they were sent off)

Where the suspension cannot be served at that grade it will be served at another appropriate grade. 

The L.D.S.L League committee may impose suspensions above the minimum depending on the nature of the offence/s committed

Players serving suspensions greater that the automatic one match ban shall not be eligible to play in the S.F.A.I National Cups during his suspension on the basis that these games shall count as games served under that suspension. 

Suspensions above the minimum will come into effect upon notification to the Registered Secretary of the club.

Delegate meeting
A special delegate meeting will take place on Tuesday next, 2nd September, at in the League Office.
As the meeting is taking place in the League Office Clubs may only be represented by one person either the Secretary or Chairman or in their absence an elected Officer of the Club will suffice. Clubs not represented as requested will be fined as per rule.

Weekly Meeting
The weekly meeting will take on Tuesday, 2nd September from with the delegate meeting to follow. Clubs can hand in forms to the league Office on Monday night 1st September between 7.and


U-14 Premier, 8 Teams, 2 Round League
Pike Rovers, Caherdavin Celtic A, Limerick A, Aisling Annacotty A, Corbally United A, Geraldines A, Mungret Regional A, Regional United A.

U-14, Division One League, 13 Teams, One Round League
Limerick B, Aisling Annacotty B, Fairview Rangers, Regional United B, Shannon Town, Shelbourne, Star Rovers, Aisling Annacotty C, Regional United C, Geraldines B, Mungret Regional B, Corbally United B, Caherdavin Celtic B.

U-15, Premier, 7, Teams, Two Round League
Aisling Annacotty A, Fairview Rangers, Limerick F.C, Mungret Regional A, Pike Rovers, Regional United A, Geraldines.

U-15, Division One, 13 Teams, One Round League
Aisling Annacotty B, Newport F.C, Coonagh United A, Corbally United A, Lisnagry, Shannon Town, Star Rovers.
Aisling Annacotty C, Caherdavin Celtic, Corbally United B, Mungret Regional B, Regional United B, Shelbourne F.C

U-16, Premier League, 9, Teams, Two Round League
Aisling Annacotty A, Fairview Rangers, Granville Rangers, Geraldines, Summerville Rovers, Limerick A, Mungret Regional A, Pike Rovers, Regional United A.

U-16, Division One, 12 Teams, One Round League
(This division will commence the season with a league/Cup competition with three groups of four in a round robin format.)
Aisling Annacotty B, Caherdavin Celtic, Coonagh United, Corbally United, Janesboro, Lisnagry, Limerick B, Mungret Regional B, Newport F.C, Regional United B, Shannon Town, Star Rovers.
LDSL Notes
The 2013/14 Limerick District Schoolboys/Girls League will kick off on Monday, August 25 with the playing of the U-15, and 16 leagues. All Clubs please note that U-14 Football will commence on Saturday, 30 August, with all other age groups being phased in as and from Monday, 1st September. Division leagues and fixtures will be published in the Limerick Chronicle on Tuesday, 19 August.

Registration Forms
Clubs must return fully completed registration to the league office only. On Wednesday 20, and Thursday, 21 August the League Office will be opened between 7.30 and 8.30pm to receive registration forms. Outside of this arrangement Clubs can post their registration forms to the League Office, address on registration form, with post date on envelope to count.
Registration forms can be handed into the league office each Monday night from 7.30 to 8.30pm.  
Players must be registered with the L.D.S.L 24, hours before they can play for their club.
All registration forms must be signed by a parent, and verified by the elected Club Secretary.

Prior to the commencement of the season clubs with two or more teams in the same grade must submit on Club headed paper a list of players for each team and duly signed by the Club Secretary or Chairman. Clubs failing to abide by this rule will incur a fine the level of which will be determined by the L.D.S.L Committee.

Clubs may not sign more than two (2) players in any given season who have played for any of the L.D.S.L development squad from U-12 to U-16 inclusive whilst being A registered player of another Club in the previous season.

Clubs are entitled to sign any players from the L.D.S.L development squad who were registered with that Club in the previous season. 

S.F.A.I Appeal/Protest fees 2012/13
Protest fee; €500.00. Appeal fee; €500.00. National cups; €25.00 per team

Transfer Forms
Clubs please note transfer forms must be sent by registered posted as per rule to the League Secretary at his home address with the transfer fee of €20.00 which must be included with each transfer form. Players transferring must also sign the League registration form for their new Club. Transfer cut off date is 15 October, 2014.
Social Media
Clubs are reminded that they are responsible for their Players, Team Manager/s or Coaches or Members who make disparaging comments or remarks about the L.D.S.L and its members, and or members of the Irish Soccer Referees Society, and or Clubs or individual’s under the jurisdiction of the L.D.S.L who bring the game into disrepute on Social Media sites. Clubs found guilty of this offence will face disciplinary action.

Schoolboy International Caps

I am helping Gerry McCormack in compiling an accurate list of Limerick District Schoolboy Players who have won Schoolboy International Caps.

This is for the History of Schoolboy Soccer book that Gerry is compiling, along with Sean Curtin and Buddy Brennan.

In an effort to ensure that the final List is complete and accurate for the publication. I am asking all involved with Clubs in the LDSL to check if any member of their Club recieved a Schoolboy cap at U15 or U16.

Individuals who won caps are also asked to contact me with any details.

I am looking for details such as Age, date, opponent/s. if you have a member who was capped I would be grateful if you could pass the details onto me at 086 3488118 or to

I have sorted out the Photo Player Flash page and have uploaded the photos that were on the original page viewer.
If you wish to add photos of any teams or other from your Club.
Please send them to


Opposing teams failing to turn up.

Where a team fails to turn up for a fixture, the referee must get the match card filled out by the team present.

The team present must pay the referee his full fee.

A walkover cannot be awarded by anyone, other than the LDSL committee at a committee meeting.

When the LDSL, completes its investigation into the game.

If a walkover is confirmed, the team present may, through its Club Secretary claim back its half match fee.

Club Notes and Activities

Clubs can post their activities on this page for a 2 week period.







New Season Notes

Football Sizes: U10, 11, 12, U13s will use a size 4 ball, the 14,15 and 16s will use a size 5 ball.

For this Season, Cup games will start in February with the intention of playing all finals in a 2 week period towards the end of May.

All League competitions will be completed.



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